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  • The Effective Reporter (WRBC-14)

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    This is a 3-day intensive workshop that will help reporters at all levels sharpen their reporting and writing skills for the 21st century newsroom.

    At the seminar, journalists will learn the essential skills of reporting based on data and documents, as well as strategies for effective sourcing and interviewing. Reporters will learn how to tell powerful stories across multiple platforms – using a toolkit that includes generating story ideas, focusing stories and using scenes and characters to enrich their storytelling.

  • TEDxPoynterInstitute: Disruption (DTED-14)

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    During Poynter’s fourth TEDx event, we will tap into the minds of influential thought leaders who will share a broad range of ways disruption fuels innovation.

    TEDxPoynterInstitute will feature a diversity of speakers from across several disciplines — including technology and media.

    These speakers will tell stories of how they have used change to help them, and others, grow. They will provide examples of how thinking the unthinkable can spark unexpected solutions.

  • The TV Power Reporting Academy (B402-14)

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    This online group seminar has an in-person component.

    Poynter’s TV Power Reporting seminar has helped hundreds of careers in broadcast journalism, and in 2014, we make this seminar more affordable and easier to access than ever.

    We’re combining the best of online learning with in-person coaching and mentoring to help you tell stronger stories and make those tough calls on deadline.

    In the online seminar, Poynter’s Al Tompkins will guide you through weekly live discussions and feedback on your work. **You’ll also come to Poynter on Sept.

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