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  • The Effective Reporter (WRBC-14)

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    This is a 3-day intensive workshop that will help reporters at all levels sharpen their reporting and writing skills for the 21st century newsroom.

    At the seminar, journalists will learn the essential skills of reporting based on data and documents, as well as strategies for effective sourcing and interviewing. Reporters will learn how to tell powerful stories across multiple platforms – using a toolkit that includes generating story ideas, focusing stories and using scenes and characters to enrich their storytelling.

  • Specialized Reporting Institute: Covering Suicide and Mental Health (SRICSMH-14)

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    Modern journalists frequently touch on issues of suicide mental health, from stories of school violence to war veterans returning home. Yet rarely are journalists trained with the skills and knowledge they need to cover these complex issues. During this 2.5 day seminar journalists will gain the knowledge and skills they need to report with accuracy and insight on the mental health issues that impact families, communities and public safety.

    This workshop is one of a series of four regional workshops on suicide and mental health, funded by the [Robert R.

  • TEDxPoynterInstitute: Disruption (DTED-14)

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    When a paradigm shifts and the known world quakes, it causes a revolution of thought and action that changes what we know and what we do… sometimes forever.

    The unprecedented development of the interactive Web has launched changes in science, technology, economics, education, business and politics that have shaken our world and changed our lives forever.

    The narrators of our culture call it disruption.

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