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Poynter Seminars

  • Poynter Environmental Journalism Workshop (DEJW-14)

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    Making Science Storytelling Engaging and Accurate

    In conjunction with the Blue Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit, this one-day intensive workshop will help science and environmental journalists, bloggers and students produce engaging and informative content.

    With increasing demand to produce compelling science stories, journalists are also faced with entertainment successes, such as “Shark Week” and “Sharknado,” that can confuse scientific fact and fiction.

  • The Effective Reporter (WRBC-14)


    This is a 3-day intensive workshop that will help reporters at all levels sharpen their reporting and writing skills for the 21st century newsroom. See the schedule here.

    At the seminar, journalists will learn the essential skills of reporting based on data and documents, as well as strategies for effective sourcing and interviewing. Reporters will learn how to tell powerful stories across multiple platforms – using a toolkit that includes generating story ideas, focusing stories and using scenes and characters to enrich their storytelling.

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