In-Person Training

  • Room for Trust: Creating Space for Real Engagement (April 2017)


    Americans’ trust and confidence in the media is at an all-time low. Meanwhile, journalists’ need to build relationships and loyalty with the audience is more important than ever. How do you connect the two? In an intensive one-day, hands-on workshop, we’ll dive into case studies and best practices, identify lessons and create unique audience engagement approaches for your news organization. By focusing on three topic areas — transparency, listening and outreach — we’ll explore how to build trust and engagement with audiences in today’s political landscape.

  • Poynter Summit on Reporting and Editing (May 2017)

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    We’ve merged our most popular reporting and editing seminars into one power-packed week for reporters and editors. Featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Jacqui Banaszynski and award-winning editor Tom Huang, this week-long seminar will give you tools to ensure that your most important stories are not just published — they are read.

    Two tracks will help you dig deeper: beat/enterprise reporting and editing. And we’ll come together in large group sessions to explore the common threads that will help you tell more powerful stories, no matter what role you play in your organization.

  • Poynter Local News Innovation Program

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    A Project of the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative

    Finally, here’s a program that can help your legacy newsroom achieve a digital transformation.

    The Poynter Local News Innovation Program, part of the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, is designed to help your organization learn what it needs to do to make the successful transition to sustainable digital publishing.

    But it doesn’t stop there: This program helps you actually make those changes.

    The Poynter program expands the reach of the [Knight-Temple Table Stakes](

  • Teachapalooza VII (June 2017)

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    Teachapalooza is the place to catch up, power up and re-ignite your passion for teaching. Join us June 2-4, 2017, at the Poynter campus in St. Petersburg, Fla., for three fast-paced days of relevant, cut-to-the-chase learning for journalism educators.

    This year, our lineup includes David Fahrenthold, a political reporter for The Washington Post whom CNN called “a breakout star in the 2016 campaign reporting.

  • Conference for Florida Ethnic Media (June 2017)


    The challenges facing the news industry are particularly difficult for publications serving local African-American or Hispanic communities, given their smaller scale and orientation to print.

    Building on other Poynter work locally and with the National Newspaper Publishers Association, together with several national experts, Poynter and the University of South Florida St. Petersburg are sponsoring a conference for Florida ethnic media.

  • The Drone Journalism School


    Drones can give your audience a unique understanding of the scale and scope of a story. Join Poynter and our partners at one of these intensive hands-on workshops designed to prepare you and your newsroom for telling unique stories with unmanned aerial systems.

    In three days, we will show you all you need to know about the basic skills and prepare you to study for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 drone pilot’s certificate.

  • TV Power Reporting Academy (2017)

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    Some of the biggest names in local and network television journalism are graduates from the Poynter Institute’s Power Reporting seminar. Our graduates include John Larson, Boyd Huppert, Byron Pitts, Katie Couric, Stuart Watson, Byron Harris and Roberta Baskin. Now, it’s your turn.

    For 18 years, The Poynter Institute’s Al Tompkins has led this seminar that is a bedrock for Poynter teaching. You will get feedback on your work, will sharpen your writing and storytelling skills, learn how to enterprise stories and look beyond the obvious, tired ways of covering daily news.

  • High School Journalism Program (June 2017)

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    Learn journalism from the pros. Come to Poynter this summer.

    Be one of a select group of high school students in the Tampa Bay area selected to participate in this prestigious, intensive program. This one-week workshop for high school students will improve your writing, teach you new ways to use social media and digital storytelling tools, and hone your understanding of journalism’s role in a democracy.

    You’ll work with Poynter faculty and local prize-winning journalists.

  • The Poynter Summer Language Arts Institute (July 2017)

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    Under the direction of Dr. Roy Peter Clark and a team of language arts specialists, you will learn how to teach – in a way that sticks – the competencies your students will need to meet the new standards.

    For the fourth consecutive year, Poynter will conduct this institute in support of Language Arts teachers. Get ready to be treated like professionals. Get ready to be listened to and respected.

  • Poynter Leadership Academy (October 2017)

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    Here’s a fact: Each October, managers destined to play major leadership roles in their newsrooms come from all over the world to Poynter. Why?

    To become the leaders they aspire to be.

    Leadership Academy is Poynter’s premier seminar for high-potential managers.