The Fund for Digital Media Development

Those who touch Poynter find what they need to know, meet colleagues with like-minded goals and gain inspiration to strive on.

Over the years I have heard others tell what Poynter means to them, but I also have my story. I came to Poynter in 1985 to attend a seminar for educators. Early next year I will retire as Poynter’s President after 25 years at the Institute, two decades in leadership, 10 years as chief executive.

As I leave I want to see that others continue to find Poynter as a place that helps them dream and achieve. And I want Poynter to reach its 2014 aspirations.

Poynter has a long history of leading innovation. But to continue that legacy, it must:

  • Build advanced technology to shape and lead digital training and education through, NewsU and an interactive web presence.
  • Create customized online curriculum that reaches audience where they are, and when they are ready. We want to help people everywhere to master new skills and tools, sharpen existing skills and gain a new understanding of journalism ethics and its place in the 21st century.
  • Provide scholarships to bridge the digital divide, helping veteran journalists, college faculty and young people without the resources to engage in modern media.
  • Convene the best minds in journalism to craft its future.

To achieve its dreams, Poynter needs your help. Together we can ensure excellent journalism and strong democracy.

For 25 years, Poynter has been a part of my life. If Poynter has been a part of yours, please consider giving back.

The Fund for Digital Media Development will help to ensure Poynter’s leadership in excellent journalism for the future.

Thank you for your support of Poynter. Thank you for supporting me. I leave Poynter with my own dreams - personal and professional. And I leave knowing the best is still ahead for me, for you, for journalism and for Poynter.

I wish you a year filled with joy and peace.

Karen B. Dunlap
President Emerita

For more information, please contact Elisa Jackson,