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How You Can Support the Future of Journalism — and Poynter

The work of The Poynter Institute, whose mission is dedicated to serving journalism as a cornerstone of democracy, has never mattered more than it does today. And, that’s why Poynter is changing its strategic mission.

As we evolve to better serve the demands of journalists on their budgets and on their time, to enhance understanding for the change that swirls around us and to train newsrooms in all forms of storytelling, your support is critical and urgent.

Your support strengthens our mission to provide excellent journalism and the public awareness necessary for an informed electorate and a strong democracy. I hope that you will consider a gift to the Institute to advance journalism during this time of profound transformation.

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Ways to Give Online

  • How You Can Support the Future of Journalism — and Poynter

    Journalists are confronting challenges and embracing new opportunities like never before.

    In their newsrooms, reporters, producers, editors and news directors are creatively navigating a rapidly changing media ecosystem, reaching shifting news audiences in new ways and on platforms that are still evolving. In corporate suites, media executives are experimenting with new business models to support the vital journalism news organizations provide.

    Outside their newsrooms, journalists are coping with diminished access to government information, and increasingly distrustful sources.

  • The Write Field - Poynter and the Tampa Bay Rays

    When national reports indicated that in 2008 Pinellas County had one of the highest drop-out rates for African-American males in the country, Poynter acted. Working with founding partner the Tampa Bay Rays Foundation, Poynter joined with local schools, law enforcement, businesses and community groups to create The Write Field.

    The Write Field is a dynamic program designed to improve the academic performance and life skills of selected middle school boys. We are pleased to be in the Fourth year of the program, which meets one Saturday each month during the school year.

  • Sponsor a Scholarship

    Many of our participants have seen their organizations’ training budgets evaporate, hampering their ability to grow their skills or deepen their knowledge. New technologies and organizational downsizings are making the need for training in leadership, multi-media, writing and editing, and the core values of journalism even more vital.

  • The Fund for Digital Media Development


    Aspiration: The will to reach, hope for a meaningful result, a strong desire to achieve something great

    Poynter fuels aspirations and has done so for nearly 40 years.

    Those who touch Poynter find what they need to know, meet colleagues with like-minded goals and gain inspiration to strive on.

    Over the years I have heard others tell what Poynter means to them, but I also have my story. I came to Poynter in 1985 to attend a seminar for educators.

  • Leadership Giving: The President's Circle

    Become a member of Poynter’s premiere leadership giving society. Annual leadership gifts help us provide opportunities for journalism students, attract and retain distinguished faculty and develop innovative academic programming.

  • Buy a Commemorative Brick

    Honor a mentor or remember a loved one. A personalized brick in Poynter’s courtyard costs $250. All donations support scholarships and Poynter programs. Leave your mark.

  • Memorial Contributions

    Eugene Patterson Memorial Fund

    Honor Gene’s memory, as his family suggests, with a contribution to Poynter. A donation in Gene’s name will support all Poynter programs, including on-site and online teaching, student programs and community events.

    The Naughton Fellowships

    A three-year project to raise $250,000 to reinstitute and sustain a program that produced a succession of outstanding journalists and leaders who served a one-year fellowship at Poynter.org. The program is named for its founder and former Poynter president Jim Naughton, who passed away in August 2012.

Other Ways to Give

  • Planned Giving: The Nelson Poynter Circle

    The Nelson Poynter Circle acknowledges those who have made plans for The Poynter Institute through trust, estate or other future gifts. Named for Mr. Poynter, who founded the institute through his own estate plans, the circle recognizes the vital role benefactors play in the institute’s emergence as the global center for journalism education. Legacy gifts will help us ensure the future of the institute. Contact Director of Development, Elisa Jackson at (727) 553-4676 or ejackson@poynter.org.

  • Sponsor an Event: Community Conversation

    Your sponsorship allows you and members of the community to spend an evening with world-class speakers and thought-provoking topics. Poynter’s popular “Community Conversations” and writing workshops benefit the institute’s student journalists. Held several times a year, the public events are designed to provide citizens with an opportunity to engage with featured journalists. For more information, contact Elisa Jackson at (727) 553-4676 or ejackson@poynter.org.


There are so many times a day I use tools I gained at Poynter I quit calling them “Poynter moments” and now just call them decisions.

Lynn French, KPNX-TV
Assistant Chief of Photography