Our faculty, your journalism program needs

Poynter faculty members recommend this list of possible programs for your school.

We’ll meet you where you are, in terms of the training you need and the funding you have available.

Poynter has developed a special menu of training to help colleges and universities build a new curriculum. And we’re partnering with select colleges and universities to tailor a special program to fit the needs of students, faculty and staff. Here is a sampling of training events we could provide. For more detail, contact us at partnerships@poynter.org.

On your campus

Poynter Faculty-in-Residence / Five days, on your campus

Workshops and coaching with a Poynter faculty member
Other workshops may also be arranged on your campus

On the Poynter campus

Student workshop at Poynter / Two days, 15 to 20 students

A program focused on foundational skills of multimedia journalism:

• Learn to better report, write, design and edit across platforms.
• Explore ethical decisions and values in a digital world.
• Use social media skills for reporting and building conversation.
• Practice critical thinking skills, fact checking, background checks.
• Learn to find focus, develop better sources and find untold stories.
• We’ll also customize teaching for your students’ needs.

Hands-on faculty development workshop at Poynter

Three days, 5 to 20 faculty members Get the skills you need to integrate multimedia across curriculum. You’ll leave here knowing how to use the most effective multimedia tools in the classroom; ready to create a curriculum that helps prepare young journalists.

Faculty retreat at Poynter / Three days, 5 to 20 educators

Rethinking your curriculum? Let Poynter jump-start your effort with a razor-sharp view of what’s ahead for new journalists. Envision and implement a long-range plan for integrating multimedia across the curriculum.

Student media leader workshop / Five days, 5 to 10 students

Hands-on Multimedia Skills or Leadership and Editing Skills

A hands-on program at Poynter to focus on multimedia storytelling skills or to help your students become stronger leaders and editors.


Poynter News University Custom Certificate Program

Assess your students’ essential journalism skills. You conduct the teaching and coaching, we provide the readings, activities and assessments. Use certificates to evaluate students’ skills or to supplement other teaching materials.

News University Journalism 101

A 16-week course on the basics of journalism, funded in part by a grant from the Carnegie Foundation of New York.

This course satisfies graduation requirements for a core journalism class, drawing on expertise of Poynter’s faculty and the Institute’s e-learning program, News University. It features self-directed modules from NewsU, as well as live and video teaching by Poynter faculty and adjuncts.

An All-Access Pass for News University Webinars

One yearly price for dozens of NewsU Webinars and replays.

Video Chats

Poynter faculty will talk with your classes via Skype or iChat in a package of ten conversations. You choose the topics.

For more detail, contact us at partnerships@poynter.org.