College Partnerships: We meet you where you are

Poynter faculty members are ready to help you develop a customized training program for your faculty, staff and students.

NEW!: Alumni scholarships for Poynter training

This idea comes to us from Indiana University, where they have set up a $10,000 fund to allow their alumni to attend Poynter training programs.

You might also fund tuition scholarships for your alumni to learn new skills or update old ones at Poynter. Your alumni will choose from Poynter’s training catalog for in-person workshops or online group seminars on leadership, multimedia storytelling, reporting, writing, editing and more. You award the funds or leave that to us. What a great opportunity to reach out to alumni during this difficult economy.

Want to shine the spotlight on your journalism program?

Poynter has developed a special menu of training to help colleges and universities build a new curriculum. And we’re partnering with select colleges and universities to tailor a special program to fit the needs of students, faculty and staff.

We’ll meet you where you are, both in terms of training and funding.

Poynter’s unique place in journalism training allows us to meld theory with practical experience. We have one foot planted in a professional newsroom setting and the other in the classroom. We know what young journalists need to launch their careers.

For educators, Poynter offers hands-on multimedia workshops to help envision curricular change, while our Webinars, self-directed courses and other online teaching of craft, ethics and social media are easily integrated into collegiate classes. The Syllabus Exchange on Poynter’s e-learning site, News University, allows educators to share best practices.

Scores of young journalists have come to Poynter as College Fellows over the last three decades, going on to lead newsrooms and to become educators themselves.

We’re ready to help you with a menu of possibilities, including any combination of these successful models:

— A two-day Poynter Workshop on your campus, or at Poynter

— Poynter NewsU Journalism 101: A 16-week online intro course for students

— Poynter Faculty in Residence: One week on your campus

— Poynter NewsU Custom Certificate Program to help educators assess students’ progress

— Faculty Retreat and Development Workshop at Poynter

— Student Media Leader Workshop at Poynter: Multimedia, Leadership and Editing Skills

— Consulting with Poynter’s e-learning experts on a course-by-course guide for your classes

— An All-Access Pass for Poynter NewsU Webinars

— A package of ten Skype conversations with Poynter faculty

— And many more options

Indiana University, Poynter’s first collegiate partner, has already completed five projects with us, including workshops for undergraduate honors students and training events with their graduate program for National Sports Journalism.

Kent State University and the University of South Florida have partnered with us to use a Poynter NewsU certificate in the classroom. St. Cloud State’s students use an all-access pass to take part in our Webinars. And Florida Atlantic University, Missouri State University, and California State University-Fullerton are the first three Journalism 101 pilot schools.

“The students were all thrilled with your presentations and exhilarated by their time spent in “the school for journalists,” said James D. Kelly, associated professor at IU. “These experiences provide a kind of learning that cannot be duplicated in a university classroom. I am certain their days with you will contribute significantly to the students’ professional careers.”

We’re eager to work with you, too, to fashion a training program that meets your university’s needs. Shine the spotlight on your journalism program. Contact us at