Recent Visiting Faculty

Sandy Close

Executive Director, New America Media

Sandy Close is executive editor and director of New Maerica Foundation. She also has served as executive cirector of Pacific News Service since 1974, where she founded YO! Youth Outlook, a monthly magazine of youth writing and art in 1991; and co-founded in The Beat Within, a weekly writing journal by incarcerated youth in 1996.

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Sandy was formerly China editor of The Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong), and founder of the Oakland-based Flatlands newspaper.

Jennifer LaFleur

Senior Editor for Data Journalism, The Center for Investigative Reporting

Jennifer LaFleur is senior editor for data journalism at The Center for Investigative Reporting. For months she has focused on sifting through the Stanford Open Policing Project data for CIR for upcoming stories.

Before she came to CIR, she was the director of computer-assisted reporting at ProPublica and has held similar roles at The Dallas Morning News, the San Jose Mercury News and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. She was the first training director for Investigative Reporters and Editors. She has won awards for her coverage of disability, legal and open government issues.

Sharad Goel

Assistant Professor, Department of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University

Sharad Goel is an assistant professor, Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, and has been a partner with Cheryl Phillips in the Stanford Open Policing Project. His primary area of research is computational social science, an emerging discipline at the intersection of computer science, statistics and the social sciences. Goel is particularly interested in applying modern computational and statistical techniques to understand and improve public policy.

Martin G. Reynolds

Co-Executive Director, External Affairs and Funding, Maynard Institute

Martin G. Reynolds is co-executive director, external affairs and funding, for the Maynard Institute. He is the former editor of the Oakland Tribune and began his career at the Tribune as a Chips Quinn Scholar intern in 1995. In 2013, Martin was named Innovator of the Year by the Tribune’s parent company, Digital First Media.

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.

CEO & President, National Newspaper Publishers Association

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. is president and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, and the president of Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp.), the world’s leading provider of online higher education for Historically Black Colleges and Universities across America, as well as other academic institutions of higher learning throughout the world. Additionally, Dr. Chavis is the president and CEO of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN). Dr. Benjamin F.

Emmanuel Vincent

Project Scientist, University of California, Merced; Founder,

Emmanuel M.

Vanessa Schipani

Science Writer,

Vanessa Schipani is a science journalist and philosopher of science. As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, she double-majored in zoology and philosophy, while taking creative writing classes on the side. During college, she worked as a research assistant in various fields within biology. Since graduating in 2008, she’s written and photographed for publications such as The American Scholar, The Scientist, EARTH, EuroScientist and BioScience. In 2017, she finished an M.S. in the History and Philosophy of Science from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

John Bohannon

Contributing Correspondent, Science

John Bohannon is a Science contributing correspondent and writes for Wired and other magazines. His stories range from civilian casualties in Afghanistan, where he embedded with NATO forces in 2010, to the first experimental test of people’s ability to distinguish paté from dog food. He runs the annual “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest. He has a doctorate in molecular biology from Oxford University.

Patty Michalski

Senior Director, Digital Audience Development, USA TODAY NETWORK

Patty Michalski is senior director of digital audience development for USA TODAY NETWORK and executive editor of digital for USA TODAY. Previously, Michalski was USA TODAY’s managing editor for mobile and social and oversaw much of its push to more quickly deliver its content online and on social media channels.

Amy Mitchell

Director, Journalism Research, Pew Research Center

Amy Mitchell is director of journalism research at Pew Research Center. She is responsible for the center’s research related to news and information, including how the public accesses, engages with and creates news, what news organizations are providing and how technology is changing all of these elements.

Signature reports include the annual State of the News Media report and Political Polarization and Media Habits, as well as continued study into the role of social media and news and the emerging segment of nonprofit journalism.