Poynter Affiliates

Kenny Irby

Affiliate, Visual Journalism and Diversity

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Kenny Irby served on Poynter’s faculty of visual journalism and diversity from 1995 - 2015.

During his 19-year tenure at Poynter, Irby traveled to Nigeria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Jamaica, Singapore, South Africa and Russia, preaching excellence in photojournalism and truth-telling.

Aly Colón

Poynter Fellow in Ethics and Diversity; Knight Chair, Washington and Lee University

Aly Colón will become the next John S. and James L. Knight Chair in Media Ethics at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., on July 1, 2014.

Most recently serving as Director of Standards and Practices at NBC News.

Aly Colón, serves as a writing, ethics and diversity consultant. He has conducted training in more than 50 newsrooms as well as for journalism organizations. His journalism experience spans more than 20 years as a reporter, writer and editor for newspapers, magazines and online sites.

Chip Scanlan

Affiliate, Reporting, Writing and Editing

Pegie Stark Adam

Affiliate, Visual Journalism

Pegie Stark Adam began teaching at Poynter in the late 1980s with Mario Garcia. She became Director of Poynter’s Graphics and Design programs in the early 1990s and remains an Affiliate faculty.

Bob Steele

Affiliate and Nelson Poynter Scholar for Journalism Values

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DePauw University
United States

Bob Steele is the Nelson Poynter Scholar for Journalism Values. He advises journalists and media leaders across the country on ethical dilemmas and leadership challenges. He joined Poynter’s faculty in 1989 and led the Institute’s ethics program for many years. He taught hundreds of Poynter workshops and thousands of journalists.

Mario R. Garcia

Affiliate, CEO and Founder of Garcia Media

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Garcia Media Inc.
United States

Mario Garcia is the CEO and founder of García Media, supervising the work of all projects. Trained as a journalist, Garcia is strongly committed to the idea that content is what determines the success of a brand; his work and teaching is based on his “WED” philosophy, of combining writing, editing and design as basic principles for effective communication of ideas.

Garcia has devoted more than 40 years to redesigning publications, and has personally collaborated with over 700 news organizations. He tells everyone that he is, first and foremost, a teacher.

Donald Fry

Affiliate, Reporting, Writing and Editing

Don Fry, an independent writing coach, helps writers write better, editors edit better, and managers organize better. Don has had two careers, first as an English professor at the University of Virginia and at Stony Brook University, and then in journalism. He headed the writing and ethics faculties at the Poynter Institute, and edited the Institute’s series Best Newspaper Writing. Roy Peter Clark and Don, friends for 40 years, collaborated on Coaching Writers.

Stuart Adam

Affiliate and Journalism Scholar

G. STUART ADAM, Ph.D., is an Affiliate of the Poynter Institute and Professor Emeritus of Journalism at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Adam’s long association with the Institute started when he was named Visiting Scholar in 1990 and spent a year in residence writing and teaching. Subsequently, he served regularly as guest faculty in seminars and returned regularly from his day job in Canada to write essays on aspects of journalism and journalism education.

Bill Mitchell

Poynter Affiliate Faculty for Entrepreneurial & International Teaching

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Phone: 727-641-9407

Bill Mitchell is a Poynter Affiliate who most recently led Poynter’s entrepreneurial and international programs and served as a member of its faculty. Previously, Bill headed Poynter.org for 10 years. Before joining Poynter in 1999, he worked as editor of Universal New Media (‘95-‘99) and director of electronic publishing at the San Jose Mercury News (‘92-‘95).

Howard Finberg

Affiliate, Business Development

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United States
Until recently, Howard I. Finberg was The Poynter Institute's director of business development. In this role Finberg looked for new training partners, oversaw the business side of the Institute’s e-learning site and handled the business development aspects of Poynter’s international teaching. He also looked at new revenue opportunities, mostly related to Poynter training. Previously Finberg was responsible for the creation of Poynter’s e-learning project, News University.