Institute Strategy

Kelly McBride

Vice President of Academic Programs

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Phone: 727-553-4340

Kelly McBride is a writer, teacher and one of the country’s leading voices when it comes to media ethics. She has been on the faculty of The Poynter Institute since 2002 and is now its Vice President of Academic Programs.

Seth Liss

Editor of Poynter Online

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United States
Phone: 727-821-9494

Jesse Perez

Director of Business & Finance

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United States
Phone: 727-553-4338

Butch Ward

Senior Faculty

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Phone: 727-553-4218

Butch Ward is senior faculty and former Managing Director at The Poynter Institute, where he teaches leadership, editing, reporting and writing.

Howard Finberg

Director of Business Development

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United States
Phone: 727-553-4371
Howard I. Finberg is the director of partnerships and alliances at The Poynter Institute. In this role Finberg looks for new training partners, oversees the business side of the Institute’s e-learning site and handles the business development aspects of Poynter’s international teaching. He also looks at new revenue opportunities, mostly related to Poynter training. Previously Finberg was responsible for the creation of Poynter’s e-learning project, News University. NewsU ( launched in 2005 and has more than 220,000 users in 225 countries, accessing more than 300 training modules.

Vicki Krueger

Director of Interactive Learning

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Phone: 727-553-4316

Vicki Krueger is manager at Poynter’s News University. She has spent more than 20 years as a copy editor at newspapers and other publications and is the author of Cleaning Your Copy – a self-directed module that consistently is ranked as one of the most popular at Poynter’s News University.

She has helped produce “Best Newspaper Writing,” the annual collection of the ASNE Distinguished Writing Award winners and finalists, as well as other Poynter publications.