Copy editing

Vicki Krueger

Marketing Communications Manager

Contact Information

Phone: 727-553-4316

Vicki Krueger is manager at Poynter’s News University. She has spent more than 20 years as a copy editor at newspapers and other publications and is the author of Cleaning Your Copy – a self-directed module that consistently is ranked as one of the most popular at Poynter’s News University.

She has helped produce “Best Newspaper Writing,” the annual collection of the ASNE Distinguished Writing Award winners and finalists, as well as other Poynter publications.

Sara Quinn

Affiliate, Visual Journalism

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Sara Quinn teaches and speaks about visual journalism, leadership and multimedia. She led Poynter’s college fellowship and its partnerships with universities for several years. Sara directed Poynter’s EyeTrack research of newspaper, tablet and online reading habits, which helps journalists determine the best forms for storytelling. She also directed Poynter’s custom training with universities for students and educators.