Douglas Smith

Independent Consultant

Doug Smith is the founding executive director and architect of The Punch Sulzberger Leadership Program. His challenge-centric design draws on more than three decades of helping thousands of folks lead real performance impact and change in sixty-plus industries and fields across the private, governmental and nonprofit sectors. Doug’s track record of success is cited as #1 for all consultants discussed in the book, High Impact Consulting.

Doug is also the author and co-author of seven books, including Make Success Measurable, which provides the tools and disciplines required for setting and achieving performance in today’s tough competitive environment; The Wisdom of Teams, globally acknowledged as the best book written on teaming – as well as its sequel and companion, The Discipline of Teams; Taking Charge of Change, a path-breaking book named by the Peter Drucker Foundation as “the best book on change management”; Fumbling the Future: How Xerox Invented Then Ignored the First Personal Computer; Sources of the African Past; and On Value and Values, which describes the possibilities of ethical life in a world of markets, networks, organizations, friends and families.

Poynter teaching event: Poynter Local News Innovation Program, May 22-24.